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mobile phones in our regular daily existence. This is so on the grounds that there is continuous huge change in that mobile phones are not, at this point the conventional specialized mobile it used to be. It has become the enormous place of consideration for people and organizations the same, civility of the different amazing highlights and openings that mobile phones offer. The aggregate advancement of mobile innovation, the accessibility and admittance to high velocity web and the amazing open interface in these mobiles results into an entire degree of new and creative experience mobile computing. This is made conceivable through the improvement of mobile applications.

Mobile applications are unlimited in number with usage that cuts across all walks of life and with people wanting more and more of these applications for easy lifestyle and living. Presently, the use of mobile applications can be seen in areas such as communication, education, cooking, social media, shopping, business (money making), matrimony, and banking. On daily basis individuals seek for updated versions of these apps.

Mobile Application and Business

Brand your business

According to research, an individual spends generally 2 to 3 hours per day on his/her mobile phone. During these, they explore various available applications and use them as per their needs. So, while using apps, they frequently notice the brand logo, images, etc.

If they see the same image or logo every time they access the app, they easily recognize the brand. So, if users install your app and visualize your brand logo consistently, they can easily remember your brand name. Therefore, it improves your brand presence.

Get competitive advantage

Mobile applications fill in as an extraordinary advertising instrument and assist your business with getting competitors. It keeps business visionaries from utilizing the customary vehicles of advertising through leaflets, pamphlets, and a similar choice.

Be it giving data about new dispatches, offers, limits, booking, newsfeed or the connected thing, a versatile application can do every one of these effectively. To an ever-increasing extent, pop-up message is the most pursued element that expanded the prevalence of the versatile application as an extraordinary showcasing instrument.

Pop-up message empowers business people to send messages to clients in an alarm structure about any coupons, limits, offers, and so on Doing this assists them with improving their item deals and income age.

Provide best services to customer

A speedy client assistance decides the achievement of any business. Regardless of how great your items and administrations are, you won’t expand deals without having an elite client care.

A versatile application can likewise improve your client support, aside from expanding your item deals and business perceivability. An application guarantees similar show of items and administrations each time clients access it. Clients can go through a similar interface, regardless of which page they access.

Mobile App with React Native

React Native framework uses React.js library in order to create a true native mobile app. The important difference between React and React Native is that the latter uses native components instead of web components to create the user interface, along with JSX, a syntax that is used to embed XML with JavaScript.

React Native popularity and the growing number of popular mobileapplicationssuch as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Uber, Discord, SoundCloud, Skype… being partially or completely rewritten in React Native.

React Native enables a single JavaScript codebase for 2 different platforms. This means that it is not just easier to maintain the app by having the same development process for both platforms and reusing the same code, but it also requires less resources, because there is no need for separate iOS and Android teams.

React Native can handle a large amount of cross-platform use cases, it is impossible for it to cover all the native mobile ground. This means that there will always be a need for native modules. Native modules are basically code in native language which handles a specific native feature

React Native tends to keep up with the native trends, there will always be a time gap between some new feature (Face ID for example) emerging on the native platform and the same feature being included in React Native. This means that developing anything using fresh technology will take more time.

Another thing worth noting is that Facebook does regularly update React Native, but they are not very interested in fixing bugs that don’t directly involve the Facebook app. The way react native compiles XML to native code is a black box process. So, if there is some kind of an error in a React Native component, you will either have to wait for Facebook to fix it, or fix it yourself, which requires going into native code.

Mobile App with Java

Java is an official Android development – object-oriented programming language. With in-built open-source libraries readily available for users to choose from, JAVA is easy to handle and offers the best documentation and community support. With JAVA’s vibrant spectrum of features, you can develop the best cross-platform apps, Android apps, games, server apps, embedded space, websites, and more.

Popular for code reusability and portability. JAVA codes can run in multiple environments, virtual machines, browsers, and different platforms. Safeguards developers against issues inherent in native code, memory leaks, etc. Flexible, versatile, mobile, and platform-independent programming language. Explicit interface, simplified, and machine-independent language.

Developers can use the source codes to alter the application coding according to their necessity. There is no need of composing codes without any preparation! Simply lease a coder who can reallocate the codes or utilize similar codes for the turn of events.

Further, Java additionally thinks of a bunch of remarkable programming devices, making it simpler for engineers to deal with something very similar and assemble an application that impeccably meets your requirements.

Furthermore, this programming language additionally offers an incredible arrangement of open-source libraries which eventually decrease the general application improvement cost and speed up the methodology.

Java holds some of the most powerful mobile application development tools, including Eclipse, Netbeans, and so on. Tools like Eclipse, Netbeans plays a crucial role to make Java one of the best programming languages for mobile application development.

The robust set of tools not only help you in coding but also offers you influencing debugging capability, which is essential for real-world development. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) made Java development much more comfortable, faster and fluent. It’s easy to search, read code and refactor in Java while using IDEs.

Java in the context of mobile application development, Android has succeeded in keeping JAVA on the forefront in the last couple of years.

Mobile application development is one of the ways to ensure the success of your business by informing people of products and services your business offers, getting to know your (possible) customers better, and understanding how to improve your product and service further.

I will develop android mobile app with react native or java

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