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In this era there are many ways to create your web site, some of the most widely used ways of creating a web sites are using third party applications such as WordPress, or HTML and CSS  from scratch, Lets take a look at them one by one.

Pros of creating a website by scratch

1. You can save money

Building and implementing a website of your own can affect to the budget that is spent to create the website while using third-party applications such as wix, they request for a payment for their implementation per month/year, this may become troublesome from time to time.

2. Changers can be done at any time

Changers can be made to your web applications at any time as per the user requests, you are not limited to a single design but create a UI that is unique from existence.

3. Can deploy the website without any third-party application interferences

Static websites which are made from scratch with HTML and CSS can be easily deploy to the web without any third part application hindrance, for example a WordPress website can only deliver if the WordPress setup is up and running in the server, this is really the case in most when using the third-party website building softwares.

4. Depend on the skill and time spend

This depended on the person whom builds the website and the task at hand, building your own website from scratch is good , since you know what you are doing than anyone else, you come across a learning curve but can get the maximum benefit of it, since you already know the design, implementation can be done as you wanted it to be, providing a design which is very similar to what the customer request is much more possible. At last it all comes to one conclusion is it worth spending your time on the task/primary target of your website

Cons of creating a website by scratch

1. It’s going to take time and understand many concepts and structures

Lets be honest, making a website from scratch is time consuming and most of all it take time to create a truly fantastic looking website,

“If your viewers are going to a website that looks or sounds amateur, it will remove credibility from where you actually deserve it — with your products and/or services.”

So building a website from your own is going to be a project that takes quite a bit of your time , even creating a website using a third-party applications takes 2-5 hours per page, you can read more on this details on (Sappenfield, 2019)

But you can make easier your work with us.  

FutureGenLabs is a template which is developed from the scratch for multiple purposes, Its content can be used in many fields of interest, Business Accounting, financial organizations, technology blogs and many more

The home page is probably the most visited in a, this template provides you with a simple and beautiful theme with easy navigations and animations,

This template contains

  • Home Page
  • About us Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Services Page
  • Pricing Page

The Home page consist of

  • Get started section
  • What we do section
  • Special Features section
  • Technoloy Stack Section
  • User feedback Carousel Section
  • Achievement Section
  • Contact Us Section
  • Footer Section

Portfolio Page where the user can show case their gallery

How to setup the Website

The website can be setup/hosted in a paid  or a free hosting site

Paid hosting providers

Free hosting providers

How to host in a free website (Step by step)

Step 1 – sign up and create an account in infinity free hosting service

Step 2 -> Enter the website using the verification link that is sent to your email

Step 3 -> Create a hosting account

Step 4 -> use file manager to host your website

Enjoy, Thank you.

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