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Wikipedia is an online free-content project assisting with making a world in which everybody can openly partake in the amount of all information. It is upheld by the Wikipedia Foundation and dependent on a model of uninhibitedly editable substance. The name “Wikipedia” is a mixing of the words wiki (an innovation for making collective sites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, signifying “speedy”) and encyclopedia. Wikipedia’s articles give joins intended to direct the client to related pages with extra data.

Wikipedia is composed cooperatively by to a great extent mysterious volunteers who compose without pay. Anybody with Internet access can compose and make changes to Wikipedia articles, besides in restricted situations where altering is confined to forestall further disturbance or defacement.

Since its creation on January 15, 2001, Wikipedia has developed into the world’s biggest reference site, drawing in 1.7 billion one-of-a-kind guests’ months to month as of November 2020. It right now has more than 56 million articles in excess of 300 dialects, remembering 6,326,716 articles for English with 127,469 dynamic benefactors in the previous month.

The basic standards by which Wikipedia works are the five columns. The Wikipedia people group has created numerous strategies and rules to work on the encyclopedia; notwithstanding, it’s anything but a proper prerequisite to be comfortable with them prior to contributing.

Anybody is permitted to add or alter words, references, pictures, and other media here. What is contributed is a higher priority than who contributes it. To stay, the substance should be liberated from copyright limitations and disagreeable material about living individuals. It should fit inside Wikipedia’s strategies, including being irrefutable against a distributed solid source. Editors’ suppositions and convictions and unreviewed exploration won’t remain. Commitments can’t harm Wikipedia in light of the fact that the product permits simple inversion of mix-ups, and many experienced editors are watching to guarantee that alters are upgrades. Start by essentially tapping the Edit button at the highest point of any editable page!

Wikipedia is a live cooperation varying from paper-based reference sources critically. It is persistently made and refreshed, with articles on new occasions showing up inside the space of minutes, as opposed to months or years. Since everyone can assist with further developing it, Wikipedia has gotten more complete than some other encyclopedia. Other than amount, its patrons work on working on quality, eliminating or fixing deception, and different blunders. After some time, articles will in general turn out to be more thorough and adjusted. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that anybody can click “alter” whenever and add content.

Reliability of Wikipedia


Anybody with web access can change a Wikipedia page, which implies that the data on pages isn’t generally dependable. On certain events, it might even be altogether bogus, as the actual organization has said. While heads attempt to guarantee realities are fittingly referred to and sourced, it’s difficult to get all errors, which is the reason utilizing Wikipedia as a real wellspring of data is disapproved of in scholarly community and other expert settings.

Wikipedia Tools

There are numerous tool accessible for dealing with Wikipedia quicker and simpler. This rundown isn’t expected to be extensive. Just the most helpful and dependable instruments are recorded here – regardless of whether they are programs, extension, commands or techniques.

The lone standards are whether they take care of business in the least demanding and quickest manner accessible. Tools are recorded basically by work, as opposed to by structure or design.


The wikEd user script replaces Firefox’s text edit window, and adds lots of editing features. Its search and replace features are powerful, including allowing you to select text and search/replace only within the text you’ve highlighted. It also has local show changes and preview features (i.e., they bypass the server and save time). There are some annoying Firefox bugs, but the script places a convenient activation/deactivation button in the top-right corner of your user page, so you can switch back and forth between using it and the default edit window.

Navigation popups

This turns your mouse pointer into a crystal ball: whenever you hover the mouse over an internal link, a box will pop up giving you a peek into that page (showing the topmost part of that page). And this function is recursive, in that you can do it again to a link inside the box, and inside the next box that pops from inside that box, and so on. There is also a powerful menu provided of things you can do to the page in the popup.

Lupin's live feeds

Watchdog tools for monitoring changes to Wikipedia in real-time. This script adds the following 4 items to your toolbox menu in the sidebar on the left side of your screen: Filter recent changes, all recent changes, Recent IP edits, monitor watchlist and live spellcheck.

Macro programs

Macro programs let you create your own customized keyboard shortcuts. They can be as sophisticated as scripts or computer programs, with their own conditional programming, and can be nested (called by each other) for even greater flexibility and power.

Wikipedia shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) and Wikipedia shortcuts (page name aliases) cut down the number of keystrokes and mouse movements you need to make to get things done on your computer. They can really speed up your activities on Wikipedia.

Why Should a Business Want a Wiki Page?

Documentation can save your life in a pinch

A real-world example of how having the wiki as a source of documentation for a project can save you goes something like this. Your company completed a project for a client 6 months or so ago. The team member that actually worked on the project got promoted to another job role at another location, or worse yet left the company. Hopefully before that happened that team member wrote down everything you would ever need to get to the source code, login to the production server, or figure out who set the requirements on the client side in the first place. That wiki page may save your butt when the client calls and asks why his web page is displaying a 500 Internal Server error.

Easy to search

One of the most important aspects of a wiki, is that all the content is searchable. Usually if the wiki is a good one, it will have a built-in search engine behind the scenes that indexes every word and phrase on every page. That way when you perform a search it is usually as fast as popping open Google and typing in your topic. The search results are normally weighted to get you to the most important wiki page on that search query. Wikis make searching easy.

Easy to maintain office document

A wiki is a web app that is available to the whole internet or even only your company’s internal network. No special tool is needed other than a browser and a network connection to get to that data, read it, and make a business decision from that knowledge. It is flat out easier and faster to add or change a piece of information on a topic as your project of client relationship changes via a wiki. This makes it easier to keep.

Easy to link one page to another.

wikis are how you get from one wiki page to another. This is done using a linking system. Most wikis allow a user to create a link to another wiki page, or even external web page by placing a square bracket around the phrase that they want to link.

Attracts the people.

Wikipedia defines crowdsourcing as the act of outsourcing tasks to a large group of people through an open call. With the technologies that the web has brought us over the last few years this has never been truer or easier to do than right now. This principle holds true in any company no matter what its size is.

As users come onboard to your company they can read and add to any wiki page they want. As each person contributes the document grows and lives with them, and the information just gets better and better. And guess what you don’t have to have a dedicated technical writer to keep that document up to date, you crowdsourced it.

How To Create Best Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia pages should never, ever read like advertisements or promotional content. You don’t want to tell people to buy your products – in fact, you should probably avoid all subjective views on what you do and simply focus on an objective explanation of what it actually does.

The closest you can get to being opinionated is using a citation to mention that an independent group thought about the subject in a particular way – this tends to be neutral enough to be accepted, especially if balanced by another viewpoint from someone else (ideally less positive, but written to not get as much notice as the first comment).

The post also needs to be substantial – don’t think in sentences or paragraphs, think of at least three or four sections that have several paragraphs each, and a minimum of one citation in every paragraph.

This is easier if you take the time to create an outline of the post and start writing it up offline. You can see how it looks before ever dealing with online formatting, and merely drafting the page can help you get a good sense for whether or not you should bother creating the full thing.

You can also consider hiring a third-party company to help you use Wikipedia for business purposes. These organizations can often give you a good pricing estimate and help ensure that your page is fully in line with Wikipedia’s editorial guidelines.

Pros and Cons of Wikipedia

‘Wikipedia’ is a search engine and an internet encyclopedia supported by the Wikipedia foundation. It is evidently an affinity for many because almost every information people week can be found on Wikipedia. These are pros and cons

  • Easy to lean and use.
  • Anyone can edit.
  • People located in different parts of the world can access on the document.
  • Wiki software keeps track of every edit made and it’s a simple process to return back to previous article.
  • Wiki is instantons so there is no need publisher to edit or update.
  • Wikipedia is flexible tool for wide range of application.
  • Non-technical users can access the Wikipedia.
  • Vandalism and SPAM.
  • Can alter anyone.
  • Misuse of confidential information.
  • Disorganized of information.

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